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Who is on the ballot in the next election? How to register to vote? ...and more

Voter Information

Since the establishment of the League in 1920, LWV members have pursued a two-fold mission of education and advocacy. The citizen education part, or voter service, promotes the active and informed participation of citizens in government. Through Voters Service, the League provides nonpartisan, factual information on government, political parties, voting procedures, election issues and candidates.

The LWV also encourages citizens to participate in the electoral process by registering voters, hosting "Candidates and Issues Night", holding open meetings to discuss current issues, and by sponsoring programs such as KIDS VOTING, which helps children become comfortable with the election process. Find the facts about voting in your state at Before an election, find your polling place.

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Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote? Do you want to change your party, your address, your name? Summit County Board of Elections has as its mission registering members of the electorate and processing their ballots in a secure manner. Besides general information, Ohio currently allows citizens to update their registration online.


Know Your Government Officials

LWV Hudson feels it is very important for every citizen to know the names of their elected officials, as well as how to contact them. We publish an updated pamphlet on these officials, click the link below to see a pdf version:



Check Your Eligibility

  • To be sure you are still registered to vote, please use this website suggested by LWVO and provided by the state: